Laser engraving and marking

In laser engraving technology, a laser beam passes over a surface heating it up, and subsequently vaporizing the material of the surface.

The depth of the engraving is determined by the number of times that the laser beam touches the surface, reducing a layer each time.

To be emphasized is the fact that the depth of the engraving can be adjusted, from microns (μm) as is used for marking, to tenths of a millimeter or even millimeters as is used for engravings, both in negative (low relief) and positive (high relief).

2D laser engravings can be made working with a XY design and applying it the depth/relief (-Z) or height (+Z) that we desire.

Having said that, it should be pointed out that there exists the possibility to make 3D laser engravings, which enables to engrave curved surfaces and /or engrave 3D designs (solids or XYZ ware).

Since the laser beam´s diameter is 0,02 mm (20 μm), a really high resolution can be attained.

This is the ideal technology for:

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