Customized design

Laser engraving can be used to customize with names, logotypes, dates, personal motifs etc on any article, tool, equipment or part desired.

Using the laser beam and a digital scanner you can engrave both flat surfaces (2D) and inclined or curved surfaces (3D), in which case we are talking about 3D laser engraving.

We can engrave on a wide variety of materials: gold, silver, bronze, steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, graphite, etc.

Custom motorcycles and classic cars

You can customize your motorcycle by laser engraving a design you like on different places of it like clutch cover, ignition cap, fuel cap, rearview mirror, decorative trims etc.

This is the best solution to engrave your classic car with a vintage or personalized design.

Silverware and kitchen accessories

A restaurant can add a distinctive laser engraving with its name, hallmark/logotype, a decorative band, or a corporate symbol both on silverware or kitchen accessories like cocktail shakers and others.

Same thing can be done with silverware used on a special occasion or celebrations.

There are endless possibilities and the marking or engraving is INDELIBLE all through the lifetime of the cutlery or tool.

Jewelry and commemorative plaques

Laser engraves very small areas and makes tiny patterns as in the case of jewelry and small gifts. Another application can be commemorative plaques for customers, workmates or friends.

Collection and modelism articles

Laser engraving can be used to personalize collectibles, and replicate on a small scale hallmarks, logotypes, decorative bands and/or texturing on modelism articles.

Surgical and laboratory instruments

Engrave your name or your clinic´s name on your instruments and tooling to identify them.

This field requires the highest standards of hygiene, and the laser satisfies them performing clean engravings with no rust burning.

The parts can be referenced with alphanumerical text, barcodes, QR and Datamatrix.

You can also engrave references visible only through a microscope. Ideal to reference microparts where there would seem to be no space for an engraving.