Welding process in which the materials are joined through the heating of an electric arc which is produced by a tungsten electrode and a gas (usually argon) in plasma state, and protected by a second inert gas (usually argon or helium). This technique concentrates the gas focal point, which in turn reduces the area of impact, providing greater precision. Therefore, thinner seams can be made than in GTAW welding.
It enables to get welding finish on sharp edges with no burrs or nibble marks, combining precision and affordability.

GTAW Welding
Arc welding joins materials by using an electric arc produced at the tip of a tungsten electrode and protected by a second inert gas, normally argon and helium.
The seams produced are highly resistant and less susceptible to corrosion.
If desired, welds can be made adding a large amount of material.
Ideal for large volume fillers.